Blank Stethoscope ID Tag - Aqua

Blank Stethoscope ID Tag - Aqua
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These blank stethoscope ID tags attach to the tubing of regular stethoscopes and have a writable area in the back. The two pieces are separated, tubing is placed between the guides of the bottom portion, and then the front disk is pressed back into place. These tags can be decorated with cover buttons, stickers, rhinestones - basically all sorts of bling. The third picture is a decoupage version I quickly made as a product sample from a black ID tag. There are two key concepts to keep in mind: (1) finished id tags are normally used in a healthcare setting so they should be easy to clean, and (2) you need to make certain there is someway the ID tag can be removed from the tubing if needed (even if it has to be accessed from the backside and popped open or simply slid off the tubing). If you are gifting or selling the final product, I highly recommend keeping the tag open, perhaps with an instruction card insert, so the customer is not fighting to try and open the tag.

For the stethoscope tags, the inner disk is 1 3/8" across and the outer portion is 1 5/8" at the widest point. 

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